TETA - Seminar in English language: Passion for leadership and change


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Open Seminar in English language: TETA Experience your passion for leadership and change

TETA I – Passion and Motivation for Leadership

Heightened awareness and an empowered mindset are crucial to an individual’s success and to the success of his or her organization.


The quality of mindset and awareness, people stand behind their actions and their companies, is crucial to success of individuals and organizations.
Continuous change, fulfilling the need of more agility, empowerment and selfaccountability as well as challenges driven by globalization, digitalization and different generations at the workplace are only some of today’s leadership tasks.

The TETA Seminar supports executives to manage these kind of challenges even more successfully. It creates self-awareness of attitudes through unusual and extraordinary experiences, exercises and experiments.

By elaborating different principles of action, an alternative mindset is achieved; with focus on employee motivation and self-responsibility as well as effective communication and conflict resolution.

Therefore, the TETA Seminar is designed for all directors, managers, supervisors, team leaders, project & program managers, business partners and employees leading, involved or affected by change.

Experience your passion for leadership and change. Discover how you can
say ‘YES’ to your professional and personal live.

Directors, managers, supervisors, team leaders, project & program managers,
employees involved or affected by change

• Gaining awareness and understanding of own thinking patterns and behavior
• Experiencing the meaning of self-management
• Identifying and dealing with resistance to change
• Acquiring opportunities to own initiative, self-responsibility and the courage to take risks
• Designing practical principles for successful leadership and change

•How new ways to self-motivation, self-organization and self-control can be found
•How justifications and accusations, and the resulting loss of time can be avoided
•How agility and openness to change can be stimulated and strengthened
•How team motivation, quality of work and performance can be increased
•How you and your staff can say “YES” to the daily change and challenges of work and life

The content is transferred through group discussions, team exercises and individual tasks
supported by audiovisual aids.
The training is starting on DAY 1 at 18:30h, ending on day 4 DAY at 13:00h.
The evening programs are part of the training. An individual coaching session about
six weeks after the seminar forms part of the program. Seminar language is English.

Feel invited to join the TETA Seminar© from 19 – 22 June 2019 in Amsterdam!

For more information please contact us via phone: +31 (0)61 84 94 363 or e-mail: info_nl@iak.com www.iak.com/nl

Download: TETA – Experience your passion for leadership and change

Investment: € 2.200,00 (plus. VAT and hotel costs )

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