TALENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Design and Implementation of an International Talent Development Program

Case Study

Design and Implementation of an International
Talent Development Program

Starting Point | Background

  • The company is a well established and fast growing international player.
  • Participants come from the Americas, Europe, APAC with different cultural backgrounds.
  • Identified talents have various professional backgrounds and experience leading to variable leadership skills


  • Develop talented young professionals for international leadership tasks.
  • Retaining of talents
  • Creation of an international network of young managers supporting complex project work
  • Exposure to Top Management
  • evolop key leadership capabilities in a competitive and fast moving environment like nurturing and leading remote high performance teams, management of change & innovation, intercultural competence and coaching.


  • Selection of participants via assessment center; definition of development needs
  • Elaboration of the program set up with HR. (Trainings, transfer sequences, collateral project work -> social, business acumen, coaching)
  • Specific development of 6 training modules: Growing Leadership, Leadings Teams, Embracing and leading Change, Innovation &
  • Creativity, Intercultural Competence, Leader as a Coach
  • Focus on experience driven learning methods and real case studies
  • Execution of program in Germany, United States , Czech Republic and China
  • One-to-one and team coaching before, within and after the modules; supervision of individual and group development through process coach
  • Individual development dialogue with superior


  • 20 participants passed the program and work successfully within various leadership positions
  • Established internal network supports smoother global project work
  • Reason to consider the company as employer of choice
  • Retained high potentials
  • Follow up group with similar 2 years development program is already set up


  • Fully integrated development approach (training, coaching, project work, transfer, mentoring), based on individual strengths & development needs.
  • All input is based on real case studies supplied by participants to ensure relevance and foster easy transfer
  • Multiple benefits for the company: qualified personnel, talent retainment, foundation for internal succession planning, business relevant results of project work
  • Trainer team serving as role model with different intercultural and professional backgrounds
  • Sustainable effects through longterm commitment of company and participants

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