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creating added value for the individuals
the team and the whole company!

A group becomes a real team with collaboration when all it’s members are pretty sure of themselves and of the contribution they can give, to be able to praise the preparation of the other participants



  • The company was under extreme pressure due to poor results
  • An impactful reorganization was executed few years ago
  • All the functions were striving their function-optimization without really looking at the whole picture
  • One platform suffered most because of staff reduction and reorganization
  • Platform Manager was quite demotivated and with low trust in the future
  • People were afraid and mostly just did what was explicitly asked, nothing more
  • Collaboration, communication, coordination and project work were somewhat stuck
  • The company wanted to support the Platform Manager in finding his new vision and re-energize the team, also beyond his direct reports


Ensuring an harmonious and successful implementation of the new organizational structure of the platform with a proactive attitude based on mutual support and effective collaboration

  • Gaining awareness of the role of the platform as well of the expectations of all stakeholders towards it
  • Contributing to the development of a team spirit that feeds the complicity between the team members and thus increases the effective implementation of all the projects
  • Enhancing the creative power of the group in order to develop and realize new solutions
  • Strengthening the leadership of the team and of each of it’s members


Kooperation, Collaboration, IAK, Process, Workshop, Practice, Follow up, Pit-Stop,


  • For the approach to the current situation we propose the carrying out of an attitudinal-experiential process for individual, collective and organizational development.
  • The process begins with a two-day team workshop, continues with practice phases of 3-5 weeks interspersed with a two-hours pit-stop moderated by the leader of the group to arrive at a first follow-up after 2-3 months and to another one after approx. 5-6 months.
  • Interactive impulse lecture “Moving intelligently from the ME to the WE!” Our interactive impulse lectures are a special experience, as they require the listener to participate and appeal to the cognitive as well as the emotional level. Many clients use the ICA lectures as an impulse during conferences to introduce a subject, acquaint the listeners with content, or to end the conference with an energy kick.



The team members …

  • share goals, info, costs, … of their projects
  • create 1-to-1 opportunites
  • stay close to the action
  • write less mails
  • respect other‘s ideas/work

So they …

  • ask and receive help much easier than before
  • established a new approach to execute cross functional projects
  • DO workshop / APQP Training / EOL Process improvement
  • have regular follow-ups
  • defined grey areas and agreed on how to proceed
  • shared objectives and results outside of their team

Extraordinary satisfaction and Magic

  • Personal & professional support
  • Thorough process
  • Interactive and experiential approach
  • Aha-situations
  • Planned pit-stops + follow-ups
  • Concrete results in the daily praxis
  • Consistent learning’s for future processes
  • team members put down their shields
  • trust and reciprocal support are visible in the moments of truth
  • fun and smiles are back on the work place
  • team ignite supervisors and other teams of the company
  • project opened the opportunity for other two development processes with IAK GF18

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